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Gl Infotech will perform all IT related services handiest wherein a settlement is supplied both with the aid of using e-mail, phone, mail or fax. This is an 'order' in one sense and is deemed to be a written or verbal agreement between Gl Infotech and the customer, this consists of phone and e-mail agreements. During the task briefing, concisely relies upon the customer's obligation to offer us a clean point of view along with unique information you can require. When such information isn't supplied, we can continue with our information on your necessities and quote accordingly. At a later stage, if a discrepancy arises, it can result in extra charges to perform the modifications. Thus, it's miles vital that you make clear each element of your website improvement and make certain which you had been quoted at the proper necessities. Once the notion has been finalised, any additions, modifications or improvements withinside the capability or website layout will affect the notion and can incur an extra fee and a revised project completion date. All extra yields, over and above the estimates are charged separately. Under no occasions will Gl Infotech be responsible for any delays due to alternating withinside the task brief.

Website Design and Feedback

We are exhilarated to provide you with the possibility to make revisions to the layout design. However, we've got the right to restrict the wide variety of website, graphic or any kind of work layout proposals to an affordable quantity and make a fee for added designs in case you make an alternative to the authentic layout specification. Our website improvement segment is bendy and lets in buoyant versions to the authentic specification. However, any foremost deviation from the specification could be charged the extra fee in line with the hour will be discussed during the project dealing.

Website Contents

Website content material and all associated substances want to be supplied to us in the first weeks of beginning the task. Any delays thereafter can also additionally postpone the task and can incur extra prices if it is going past the affordable timeframe


The customer has to understand that in some instances there can be unexpected occasions to postpone the improvement process, specifically as regards the combination of the third party program. We will strive our fine to finish the task as agreed withinside the notion. As long as it's miles inside an affordable duration, the customer has the same privilege to no longer penalize us for any true postpone, while each attempt we hold to complete the task at the proposed time schedule is taken. Gl Infotech takes no obligation of any of the third-party persons or programs such as software programs or additives used withinside the website improvement which includes a payment gateway, SSL certificate etc. We propose you take ordinary back-ups to keep away from any disruptions.

Payment / Refund phrases

The price for the Server Hosting shall be charged by DEVELOPER depending on the type of server the COMPANY has purchased for the website. The Hosting Fee shall commence on the date the final Web Site is fully operational and accepted by COMPANY and future Hosting Fees shall be due and payable on subsequent monthly anniversary dates of such operational date.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your order after making the price, however, the work has now no longer commenced, we can refund 100% of the price which you have already made. If the order is cancelled after the start of work, the most refund or fee could be 75% of the invoice. There could be no refund or changes if cancellation is known while greater than 50% of the work has been completed. All cancellations have to be acquired in writing and may be sent through ordinary mail, e-mail or fax. Telephone requests for cancellations will now no longer be accepted

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